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The Greek Myths — another book cover study

The Greek Myths — another book cover study

Finals from the previous set of book cover tests I made. Once again, photos by my friend Kenan

Book cover tests taken from some portraits my friend Kenan took of me a couple of months ago. I’m leaning towards using the second one of the bunch for the final clean up, honestly. 

Trying to start doing one of these a day. Just random type practicing. :)

Trying to start doing one of these a day. Just random type practicing. :)


Hey, Tumblr, here’s part of the reason I have been dead the last month or so. I’ve been contributing to the development of the artwork for this project the last almost two years now and I’m proud to say that it is officially launched.

In a nutshell, we are a website providing illustrated stories covering hot topics for young teens. If you have any cousins entering their teens who might need an outside source of advice or if you know any teachers who might be looking for reading materials for students, please pass us on!

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Basically, what if Carmen Sandiego became a fashion icon. I used Rene Gruau as a main inspiration for this triptych. I’m quite satisfied with the way they came out, especially since typography is such a weakness for me. The originals are all 18x11 too, which is perfect for posters!

Personal project I finally made some lee-way on today. Lots of Carmen Sandiegos. Originally I wanted to create a mock-up for a kids oriented IOS app, thus the first Carmen designs, but I realized today that I wanted to take the project in a different direction.

Keeping the design I made for her, but I’m making a different finish with it. The first two sketches on the third row are going to be included with this finish.

Note: The bottom three portions do not actually have grey in them, but black. I have no idea why Tumblr keeps eating my work. If anyone has any two cents on that, please let me know!

Sara needs a break from usual illustration work. Sara installs a trial of Illustrator and experiments with typography for once in her life.